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"I like the sit, stand, wheel yoga program because it adapts to my daily needs. With Fibromyalgia I never know how my body pain will be from day to day. With the flexibility to sit or stand I can still do some yoga and feel the benefits no matter how I feel."
- Kim Lind

"I think it is terrific! I have used many of your ideas already and have found it so beneficial when planning my yoga sessions. I have a wide range of abilities in my seniors classes and this DVD has been a God send. I really look forward to your in-service on Adapted Yoga. Thanks!"
- Sandy Briscoe
"The adapted yoga video/program provides a safe way to adapt the poses to fit the person, whether in a chair, wheelchair or standing using a chair for support.  This is a reliable resource for certified yoga instructors and basically for anyone interested in furthering their experience beyond a yoga mat!  Wonderful!"
-Sharon Chatenay

Read what our participants say:

"The importance of being active is so strongly stressed nowadays and being a member of the “senior community”, it can sometimes be intimidating when starting a new exercise program. The Adapted Yoga- Sit, Stand or Wheel program is something I have been able to incorporate into my daily living.  I suffer from moderate to severe arthritis in my knees, hips and back, as well as having a history of asthma and past cardiac surgery on my mitral valve.  I found this program to work with me and my range of flexibility without the pressure of wondering if this was going to be something I would be able to keep up with as the program progressed. With encouragement from the instructor, and the adaptations made for my body, I was surprised to see how much I improved week to week and how I could easily find time to fit in these stretching exercises at home."
 - Lily Conway 
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