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Welcome to Adapted Yoga- Sit, Stand or Wheel TM

Our program is created by an occupational therapist for people of any ability, who want to experience the many benefits of traditional yoga without having to get on and off the floor. It is so much more than Chair Yoga, it allows you to participate in standing (using a chair for support), sitting on a chair, or sitting safely in your wheelchair/scooter. This unique video provides 4 variations of the program, making it accessible for all!

This specialized yoga program may be right for you if...

  • you have limited balance, strength, coordination, flexibility or sensation
  • you experience fatigue or fluctuating energy levels
  • you experience joint pain or muscle stiffness
  • you have a cardiac or circulatory condition
  • you have a digestive condition
  • you have a respiratory condition
  • you are recovering from a musculoskeletal injury
  • you use a mobility device such as a cane, walker or wheelchair or scooter
  • you are not able to participate in traditional floor based yoga
  • you have a disability affecting your physical health
  • you have a disability affecting your mental health
  • you are a yoga instructor, healthcare provider, therapist or family member who wants to promote and encourage healthy exercise and stress reduction programming for others
  • you are an office worker, frequent flyer, are sedentary, or just looking for a gentle form of exercise to do while sitting or standing with support.

Participation Criteria

  • you are able to follow either visual OR auditory instruction
  • you have some movement in upper body and arms

Great for Seniors or people living with Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Parkinson's,Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Cognitive Disabilities, Bariatric Conditions, Respiratory or Cardiac Conditions, Cancer, and many others.

Upcoming Instructor Training Courses

Check back in the Fall of 2016 for our next Adapted Yoga- Sit, Stand, or Wheel Instructor Training Certification Course in Winnipeg and visit our INSTRUCTOR TRAINING page for details of this couse and how to register.

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Please watch the video preview and decide if the program is right for you or someone you know. You can download it right to your computer instantly (save on shipping costs), or purchase the DVD which is deliverd to your door. Both options come with the "On-the-go!" booklet that provides photos of the poses and outlines benefits of each pose for your body and mind. Please spread the word by sharing this website with your friends, colleagues, clients and family, so you can help us move more people towards wellness!

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this, or any other program may result in injury. Any user of this program assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises and using the equipment suggested. To reduce the risk of injury CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE BEGINNING THISOR ANY OTHER PROGRAM. The instructions and advise presented on this website are in no way intended as a substitute for medical couseling. The author of this website, the program creators of the Adapted Yoga-Sit, Stand or Wheel, producers, particiaptnts and distributors of these products and our services  disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the exercise or advice herin.

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